Friday, June 20, 2008

Fight Against The Democrat's Treason

Before those of you who have left leaning propensities start banging me on my head for slamming the Democratic Party over what is nothing short of treason in their attempt to sell out the American people to the far right once again, you should know that I am one of you. I have a bleeding heart just like you. I believe in socialized medicine, a woman's right to choose, fair taxes for all, the impeachment of this entire administration, and a return to the rule of law in our nation. I call for more help for the poor and middle class on an almost daily basis. I rail against the Republicans and their party of the rich, for the rich, and by the rich. I believe that Bush and his criminal administration should be sitting in jail cells, or at the very least confined to the mental ward at Crawford Ranch where they can do no more harm.

What I do not stand for and will not stand for is yet another attempt by Pelosi, Reid, Stoyer, and Lieberman, among others, to give the telecommunication companies immunity from lawsuits and prosecutions for breaking the law just because an insane neo-fascist oil baron government asked them to.

On a day when former White House Press Secretary McClellen testifies about what he knows of other criminal activity in this run amok corporate controlled entity that passes itself off as a by the people government, the Democrats are siding once again with the law breakers in both the administration and the corporate world and against the interests of the American people.

What does it say when the right wing Supreme Court of the United States beats back attempts by their Party leader to do away with Habeus Corpus, and rebuffs his Military Commissions Act, and the Congress, fearful of their own criminal liability for playing along with the madmen who started this mess, try to disobey the clear will of the people? Is this not treason? If by definition treason means to betray one's own people, then this Congress, both the House and the Senate, have stepped over the line from what was clearly collusion in the crimes that have been done to the People these past few years to outright treason, due to the fact that they are very well aware that most Americans do not want immunity for the telecoms, because that immunity is a de facto immunity for the criminals in this administration and those who allowed the activity to continue unabated.

"Impeachment is off the table." When those words left House Speaker Pelosi's lips, knowing full well that this president was guilty of everything from war crimes to law breaking, to outing a covert CIA agent, the slide of treasonous conduct by the power brokers inside the Democratic party was underway. In a clear rebuke of Bush and his administration during the elections of 2006, the people put the Democrats in a position to hold the nut job in chief at bay until he was out of office, but yet when it comes to matters of grave Constitutional concern, they themselves are turning out to be the biggest charlatans of them all. All this false president has to do is throw a softball at them, claiming they are holding up the 'war' on terrorism, and they capitulate like the Iraqi Army during Desert Storm.

It was refreshing to hear a mainstream media personality tell the truth about the reasons why the Democratic leadership would go along with this madness. Keith Olberman summed it up when he said that the only reason the Democrats would be going along with this was out of a fear for their own liability. Not because giving Bush unchecked surveillance power is good for America, or because of some major threat to our national security. But merely to save their own asses, they are willing to tell the American people to shove it, willing to further erode the Constitution, and willing to commit what amounts to treason to do it.

Barak Obama, as the new head of the Democratic Party, can not stand off to the side on this issue. He must speak up and make his position known. If he is against this, he must find a way to put a stop to it. If he also wants to play nicey nice with Bush, he must make that position known also. Because God help us all if his position is the latter, and he refuses to step in and stop this madness before it's too late. It would mean we still have no candidate for President that represents change, but just the same product packaged in a different box.

If there are any Democrats left besides Russ Feingold and Dennis Kucinich who have any honor left whatsoever, they too must step forward, political careers be damned. The People have long memories when it comes to acts of betrayal as large as this, and to allow for this President, this fascist administration, to get off scott free and even perpetuate their crimes against the People due to either political expediency or perceived culpability by the Democrats themselves, would be an act of betrayal never before seen in this country. The Democratic leadership had better step back from this precipice or they had better start making other employment arrangements come this November or for those awaiting 2010, we'll still remember then also.

We as Americans do not stand idly by when a mugger knocks an elderly woman down and takes her purse. Neither shall we stand idly by as our elected to represent us officials decide to represent the corporate interests over the people once again. Pelosi, Reid, Stoyer and Lieberman need to consult their criminal attorneys instead of abusing their offices to try to betray the Constitution of the United States for personal gain. If they can not see their way forward to do that, then they should step down, resign, and allow for honest men and women to take their places. Men and women who understand the rule of law, and will serve the people and not special interests. And should Mr. Obama continue to duck this issue, then it is possible that loyal Americans will have to rethink the entire electoral landscape and who we are going to vote for. Isn't Ralph Nader still running? Just something to think about if we can't get the entrenched politicians to do the right thing.

So it's time to start the email campaigns once more. It's time to let everyone, from your local council person to Queen Pelosi know that we are tired of these antics, that we want no more of these treasonous acts, that corporate interests do not come before the interests of the People, and that should this continue, we the People reserve the right to shuck off a tyrannical government that no longer serves us, and the first step towards doing so will be recall initiatives against those who will not serve the People's will.

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