Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Of What Democracy Do You Speak?

When the time is at hand that the Executive Branch of our government no longer feels it needs to answer to lawful subpoenas emanating from Congress, then the day has already arrived in which the very word democracy no longer describes the United States.

Long a bright beacon to the oppressed peoples of the world, a nation of compassion and rules that made life better for all, we can no longer boast of these things, as a President and his evil cadre lay claim to powers that are unconstitutional, subverting every law that used to hold the weight of checks and balance.

Asked questions several times over the past few years about how he could possibly answer for the mess he'd made in Afghanistan and Iraq, and how he intended to fix them, President Bush answered in a supposed to be glib manner that it would be much easier were this a dictatorship and he the dictator. Nervous laughter followed these remarks by reporters, but the questions that should have been asked should have been along the lines of why he and his administration are ignoring the Constitution, flouting international law and treaties, ignoring Congress and the will of the People, politicizing the Department of Justice, and allowing his corporate buddies to rape our economy.

He should answer to questions of high crimes and misdemeanors for the lies told by him and his criminal Vice-President, (as well as others throughout his entire administration), to rope us into this protracted and bloody conflagration in Iraq, the war that the far right wants to fight for decades to come.

When a segment of society, in this case the far right wingnut evangelicals, can overpower the political system into doing their bidding to the detriment and despair of the rest of the country, once again, it is no longer a democracy, but a type of bait and switch wherein one feels like they're free, but in reality you answer to the graduates of Pat Robertson University, the people who are running this fascist dictatorship. If you're a part of their group, (the rich, the far right religious), you get a seat at the table. The table where these fattened pigs gorge on the no bid giveaways to their friends and their friends of their friends.

If you can point these things out to what is passed off as media in America these days, and no one writes a word about the wrongdoing for fear of losing their jobs, you are not in a democracy any longer, because the first step on the road to dictatorship is to stifle free press.

Imagine an agency of the People, in this case the Department of Justice, refusing to uphold the laws of our nation under orders from the White House, and that Department of in name only Justice going along with this mad hatter President.

Or a Supreme Court that does the bidding of the Executive time and time again, only once in a while disagreeing with the President in order to put on a show for the populace. Ask any Pakistani. It's called dictatorship.

We used to make jokes about banana republics and their evil dictatorial ways. But the joke's come full circle, with the American people the butt of it, as they prey upon our fears in order to crush all semblance of dissent. Distortions and lies, smoke and mirrors, these masters of illusion pretend to have our best interests at heart, while the price of fuel spirals ever upwards, and even food becomes unaffordable.

What did anyone think was going to happen when they elected to office the very same criminals from the Nixon years? The very same traitors who wanted to chuck the Constitution out the window back in the 1960's for God's sake! Combine them with a bunch of corporate oil barons and the recipe for disaster was as plain as the sun in the clear blue sky.

And so we now come to the proverbial fork in the road of American history. The people of America must be the ones to choose between living in a free and open society, or by silently going along, acquiescing to the murdering wannabe dictators and Hitlers in our midst. That means taking action and raising our voices so loudly that even the tone deaf White House can hear us.

The alternative is more rights being taken away in the name of God, country, and security. The alternative is but another form of slavery to a government that was intended to the the servant of us all.

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