Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Time To Boycott China Completely

The most recent round of orchestrated protests and calls by Chinese citizens for a boycott of the West, shows the world once again how the Chinese government attempts to stifle dissent against it's policies, wielding openly the economic threat they have at their disposal. Knowing full well that many a nation is now dependent upon their country for cheap goods and services, the government of China, usually quick to crack down on voices of dissent against their own citizens, now allows the West bashing to continue unchecked in a blatant attempt to silence those who protest the 'Chinafication' of Tibet.

Although it may very well be that the average Chinese citizen does not know the history of China's vicious military invasion of Tibet on October 7th, 1950, the Chinese government knows full well the atrocities it committed against the Tibetan people, having pushed across the border of a free and independent nation and killing half of their military forces in two days. So outraged at this blatant aggression by the government of Mao Zedong that the Indian government fired off a letter of protest to not only the Chinese government, but asked the governments of the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union to intervene on behalf of the Tibetans. Even after these same three countries declared the invasion of Tibet and illegal occupation and demanded the withdrawal of Chinese forces, the Chinese ignored the petitions for relief. India, refusing to go away quietly, petitioned the United Nations to intervene and force the Chinese to leave Tibet, but to their chagrin, the U.N. did what it still does today, absolutely nothing.

Hence the occupation of Tibet began, and the rewriting of history by the Chinese government, who now claims that Tibet was always a part of China, likening the country to little more than a breakaway province, when nothing could be further from the truth. Since the 1950's, the Chinese government has ruled Tibet with an iron fist, brooking no dissent, and treating Tibetans worse than mongrel dogs. They have forced Tibetans to give up their homes and their means of support in order to make way for the influx of Chinese migrants, who were rewarded for leaving China and settling in Tibet. Today, Lhasa, the Tibetan Capitol, is made up of a population of 93 per cent Chinese.

Moving into the modern day, all one has to do is look at the practices of China, and a stronger case emerges for the rest of the world to boycott this 'evil empire'. (Remember that phrase?)

They can sit and deny that they knew of the defective products sent to not only the U.S., but other western nations as well, but no one is really buying that story. The medicines that were tainted and potentially deadly could only have been allowed to go on with the nod from the central government, due to the absolute control that the Chinese government exerts over every aspect of it's society. Poisonous pet food, lead laden toys, and the wanton killing of it's own civilians makes for a government of goons and thugs, just as CNN's Jack Cafferty called them.

In Sudan, where the government of al-Bashir continues to slaughter the people of Darfur, the Chinese government could force an immediate end to the killing by threatening to pull out of contracts signed for Sudanese oil extraction and development. But to this day, they have turned a blind eye to the massacres, claiming they don't want to interfere in a sovereign nation's affairs.

But yet, when the election results in Zimbabwe did not show the tyrant Mugabe to be the clear winner, and it looks as though a run off election will have to take place, the Chinese government saw fit to ship Mugabe three million rounds of ammunition, rifles, mortars, hand held rockets, and land mines in an attempt to prop up the Mugabe government. The stake in Zimbabwe for the Chinese is the same as in Sudan, oil. They will arm a tyrant madman to the teeth to make sure they have access to oil, but will not stop the slaughter of the Darfurian people. Are you starting to see the pattern here?

Regularly threatening Taiwan with invasion, the people there grew so weary of being afraid of the imminent threat, and no longer trusting the U.S. to come to their aid, that small country just 'elected' a government that is more open to Chinese influence.

With the strengthening of the Chinese military to world projection capability and influence on the backs of U.S. workers who have lost their manufacturing jobs to China, one would think that we would stop arming the Chinese with our own money. Even as China declares loudly that their military is not intended to threaten anyone, they shadow our aircraft carriers with stealth submarines, and steam into American ports with brand spanking new battleships, even as they refuse port calls to American war ships.

And lest we forget the Chinese involvement of the crackdown of dissent in neighboring Myanmar, and their unwavering support of North Korea, maybe we should remember that China callously disregards international law and treaties they themselves signed by sending escapees from both Myanmar and North Korea back to their respective countries, where they face certain execution.

The time has come for the entire world to gain some back bone. The time has come for a complete boycott of China and all products made in China. All nations should boycott not just the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, but the entire Olympic games themselves. There was a time in world history not very long ago when the world used appeasement so as to not upset a rising military power. We all know exactly what that led to. This new appeasement of a regime that is one of the world's most brutal, most repressive, and most reprehensibly irresponsible, can only lead to the fruition of what many the world over see as the possibility for a new Armageddon.

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