Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dear President Obama: "ENOUGH!"

One hundred days. That's all it took for the honeymoon to be over between our new President and those of us who believed his eloquent speeches and his roaring calls for change we could all believe in. Things would be different he swore, the Bush years would be shoved back into a dark corner of history and we'd all walk hand in hand down the yellow brick road to prosperity.

Only this is not what has been happening since January's inauguration. Little by little, piece by piece, President Obama is backing away from promises he made during the campaign, and in some cases, just ignoring the glaring discrepancies between his rhetoric and the actions he has undertaken.

The straw that should break the proverbial camel's back and cause a push back by sane Americans the nation over is the recent revelation by the media that our dear President is quietly going about the business of reinstating the Military Commissions at Gitmo.

After the much ballyhooed declaration of the closing of the infamous prison in Cuba, and the collective sighs of relief by a country who has been besieged by guilt and shame over the previous Administration's criminal refusal to act according to the rule of law by prosecuting detainees in American courts, the Obama White House, deciding they could not win all the cases pending against Gitmo's prisoners, is going back to the Bush way of doing things. In other words, Military Commissions, where secret evidence, statements obtained under duress, hearsay evidence, and whatever insidious railroading techniques can be employed will be used to get those convictions. No matter what.

Where, during these past 100 days, while our crony media outlets practice their love of everything Obama, has been the outcry over the continuing domestic spying programs? Does everyone think they just, POOF, disappeared the day Obama took office? What happened to the promises to end illegal spying programs? Or were those words as hollow as the promises to reform the way Wall Street does business?

What happened to the promises of a restoration of the rule of law, as in prosecuting the war criminals of the previous Administration? Since taking office, all Obama has done is send mixed signals, and anyone who believes the Justice Department has magically become unpoliticized is a bigger fool than we were for trusting a slick talking con man in the first place. As a professor of Constitutional law, Obama knows he has an obligation to go after those who broke the law. But why do that when the breaking of the law allows for much more power than obeying it? Read between the lines on that one.

Over 45 billion dollars was sucked up by oil giant Exxon/Mobil in the most recent profiteering grab fest. During the campaign, Obama swore this was going to change. The big oil companies who raked in the big dough on the backs of hard working Americans were going to be taxed on those exorbitant profits, the proceeds of that tax to fund a rebate for all Americans. Tax day has come and gone and yet no profits have been taxed and the promised rebate has been turned into some obscure money you should start seeing on your paychecks soon. Uh huh.

We were promised no more Wall Street influence in the White House, but yet the choice of Geitner for Treasury Secretary was akin to allowing the wolves to guard the hen house. The banks, after robbing us blind at the end of the Bush term with the collusion of the Federal Reserve, stuck their hands out for more taxpayer dough, and were promptly rewarded for their extortion of the nation with untold billions. The banks can not be allowed to fail we are told by the very same people who have been inside the banking system all of their lives. No conflict of interest there. Let the banks fall, let them fail, and watch as new banks pop up the very next day. This mumbo jumbo the Obama people are handing us are the voodoo economics of the past 30 years.

No lobbyists would ever set foot in an Obama White House was the promise. The reality is that there are nothing but Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Agri-Business, and Defense Contractor lobbyists surrounding our new crusader for justice. Wonder why nothing is getting accomplished? Ask the lobbyists who are wining and dining your elected officials and getting bills pushed through even though we were promised five days to read each one before Obama signed any of them. 9,000 earmarks were on the one back in March, one that he signed the day after it was passed by Congress.

All of this pandering to the far right has many in the country shaking their heads in wonderment. After being trounced soundly in the election, the far right could have skulked off into their lair and faded off into obscurity. True Republicans across the country would have eventually formed a new, more moderate Party, much like happened after the decimation of the Whigs. But for some God only knows why reasons, Obama is allowing progress to be held up, bills to be amended, and appeasement to be the operative word whenever the whack jobs from the Extremist Party raise so much as a whisper of protest. To hell with the Republican Party. let them rant and rave and talk of secession. Better yet, let them secede and form their own outlaw nation. (Just take their nukes first.) But this caving in to the minority party has got to stop or we are in for 4 years of failure, followed by the Extremist Party's "See? I told you so" rants come 2012. Shove these morons to the side and get things going now.

Just because a new Administration has risen to power does not make all of the international hot spots go away. Nice of Obama to say we are leaving Iraq, but we don't know when and our soldiers are still dying there. And trading Iraq for a larger war in Afghanistan is hardly ending anything. Those Defense lobbyists are pretty slick though, you've got to admit. But yet, despite the promises to do something about the criminal regime of al-Bashir in Sudan, who continues to slaughter innocent men, women and children in Darfur, there is dead silence once more from our elected officials, the same men and women who proclaim freedom and peace for all. President Obama, stop the genocide NOW!

In the meantime, unemployment continues to rise despite the mainstream media's attempts to mislead the public with stories of 'Jobless claims lower than expected" All that means is that a couple of thousand less people filed NEW claims than they thought would. It does not mean any sign of recovery. It means we are still heading downhill, just a little slower. Some economists are predicting a 12 per cent unemployment rate by December. The Bush Hoovervilles are now Obama's, but he doesn't seem to be in any hurry to help the plight of the poor any time soon.

Speaking of the poor, Obama, who during the campaign promised to do everything he could to help those who have lost their jobs and their homes during the Republican raping of our economy, has done virtually nothing to alleviate suffering across the land. A proposed hike to the food stamp allotments was stripped out of the so called 'stimulus bill' otherwise known as the corporate giveaway bill, at the insistence of the meaningless Republican Senators. Desperate to pay back the very same corporate cronies who financed them, the Democrats capitulated, the President signed the bill, and American children still go to bed hungry every night.

With all the talking heads on television and radio insisting that we give the President time to adjust, time to get things done, and time to...........whatever he needs time for, and trumpeting all of these wonderful accomplishments in his first 100 days, one could get the impression that all is well once more in the greatest nation on earth. But your impression would be wrong, because the pinheads we voted out of office have been replaced by their counterparts, the other pinheads, who are all having one great big party while American children starve, American children sleep on the streets and American children can not read or write. They have accomplished only two things in the past 100 days in office. First, they gave away more money than you can even count to, oh yeah, the corporations that Bush and his cronies were raping the Treasury to give our money to. And second, to break many of the President's promises at the expense of our well being.
ENOUGH! That rallying cry that stirred a nation to believe again must now be turned back upon the person who so forcefully shouted it out at that now famous acceptance speech in Denver. ENOUGH Mr. President. We need real change, not a Bush-lite leader who pays lip service to promises then discards them once the doors to the Oval Office close. Reverse course now while your Administration is still young, lest you find yourself in the unenviable position that Jimmy Carter did. One term and out.

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