Monday, May 5, 2008

Massachusetts Knows Hillary's Health Plan For What It Is

One of the most strident arguments by the Republicans against Hillary Clinton for President, is their contention that Ms. Clinton's health care plan amounts to socialized medicine. The problem with that notion is something neither they nor the media like to talk about. They'll sit and call the Clinton plan Universal Health Care, but as the good people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts knows, calling health care universal does not mean health care for all.

During Mitt Romney's run for President, one of his selling points to the country, (except for the New England states), was his implementation of Universal Health Care for his state while he was Governor.

The problem is that in order to pay back the insurance industry that got him elected, he deregulated the entire state of Massachusetts' insurance industry, leading to a slew of new companies flooding the state, and no price controls were the name of the game.

Next, he shoved through the state legislature his 'Universal Health Care Plan', calling it the most comprehensive plan to ensure medical coverage for all. But it turned out to be a scam of the highest order. Mandating that if you were a resident of the state of Massachusetts, you were required to have health insurance, the Romney plan quickly became an albatross to the state's working people. The penalty for not having insurance was a fine of $1,000, more than the fines for most misdemeanor crimes in the state.

The legislature, in an attempt to make sure none fell through the cracks, instituted a plan to help low income people pay for their health insurance, but Romney promptly cut the program's funding. The result has been the forced relocation of low income workers and the poor to other states. This debacle was little more than a give away to the insurance industry that put Romney in office, and the new Governor and Legislature are hard at work trying to dismantle the entire program.

Turning back to Hillary, her 'Universal Health Care' plan is eerily similar to Romney's. Same mandated coverage, only with fines as high as $5,000 for noncompliance. Once again, all one has to do is take a quick look at the Clinton Campaign's financiers to see the insurance industry backing she receives. This is no new plan of her's. It is even comparable to what she wanted to do during the 1990's. This is strictly Romney's plan packaged up and distributed on a national scale, but without the option of being able to move out of state because you can't afford it.
If you want to mandate that people have to have insurance to drive a car, that's one thing. But mandating that all must pay the insurance industry for the right to live in the United States is going way far and beyond. This is not an opt in plan. There is no choice of whether to pay your premiums on time, because even failure to pay on time can result in the afore mentioned fines. It doesn't even matter whether you can afford it or not, you must buy insurance under the new Hillary plan. Sure, she talks about setting aside funding for low income workers, but does anyone have any illusions to how quickly that will be forgotten as soon as the ink is dry on the legislation?

True universal health care means that everyone has access to the same type of care regardless of race, creed, gender, or social standing and the Hillary plan does nothing more than perpetuate the current system, only this time with an unfunded mandate from the government.
I wonder if Canada is going to be ready for the influx of American refugees who seek political asylum from the debtors prisons that will have to be set up to house all of those who can not afford health insurance, and of course, won't be able to pay the $5,000 fines.

Ask the people of Massachusetts what they think of Hillary's Health Care plan. But be prepared for every invective and swear word being thrown at you that you never thought you'd hear. Ask them if they'd like some relief from the spiraling out of control insurance prices in their state and you'll receive a resounding universal yes.

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